Free of charge cancellation policy: 24 hours before arrival.
In case of "no show" without cancellation, the hotel will charge your credit card with a no show fee of one night's stay per room.

* Each request is subject to the hotel's confirmation. Send us your personal details and we will keep you informed on all special offers and initiatives offered by the Hotel Riviera. Your personal information will be processed in the company's electronic database, with respect to the Italian Privacy Policy, Legge 675/96.


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NB: Your request has to be confirmed by the hotel.

All requests have to be confirmed by the hotel.
Giving your personal dates you have the opportunity to be informed on all offers and news of Hotel Riviera. Your dates are inserted in the electronic data bank of the company in observance of law 675/96 regarding the protection of personal data. These data will not be transmitted or given out to third party.
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ATTENTION PLEASE: this reservation sheet will reach the hotel only if you have Outlook or Outlook Express. Otherwise please print it out and send it via fax to (0039) 040 224300. Thank you!