The "Residence Maximilian's" welcomes its guests within the marvellous outline of Trieste's Gulf. Wrapped up in the luxurious nature of Trieste's coast, the Residence is located on the sea 5 minutes walk from the Castello di Miramare (Miramare Castle).

Why choose "Maximilian's"?
Because of its spectacular view on the sea and because in the "Residence", our guest may fit their "Metamorphosis Suite" according to their personal needs, and thus elegantly face the most unpredictable requirements.

Here are some examples, which show the different ways of using the Suites even the one-room Suites:

    For the guest, who organises work meetings or wishes to welcome visitors to his "office" (and not in his room);
  2. "SHOW ROOM"
    For the guest, who wishes to welcome his clients to a reserved "Show Room", in order to present the new sample collection
    For the guest, who has to hold a conference or group a small number of people.
    The employment of a "Metamorphosis Suite" type n. 5 or n. 11 allows for disposing of a conference room with adjacent reception room.